Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer in a nutshell

Well, it's Wednesday, didn't make it on Tuesday. So much has happened in the last few months and I have had almost no time to write about out. Here is a quick overview of our summer.


She is talking up a storm and wishing that she was older. She wants to be out front riding her bike with her brother and sister but hasn't been able to because Mom has been glued to her computer with school work. She loves to swing and jump on the trampoline. We visited Grandpa Humpherys up at Grand Targhee and she did not enjoy her horse ride with Dad.
Hallie and her friend Kaitlyn earlier this summer

She did not enjoy one second of this ride


Hadley turned 5 in May. Unfortunately it was also the first week of school for Mom so it was not blogged about. She played her first year of t-ball and did very well. Mom was the assistant coach (not the best, sorry Heidi). She and her brother have found a group of kids in the neighborhood their age and are little social butterflies. She rode Sheila (the horse) all by herself up with Grandpa this summer and is looking forward to doing that again.

Our cute little softball player

Riding Sheila

Five yrs old- going on 15


Hayden finished his first year of coach pitch baseball and unfortunately hated it. He found it boring. We may try one more year just to make sure that it wasn't just a bad year for him. He finished the 1st grade. Mom got to go help with field day the last week of school and she had a blast with him. He finally lost his first tooth in May. He has had fun playing with his friends this summer. He also had fun riding horses with Grandpa and rode all by himself.

Riding Reba
Jungle Day
1st tooth

So busy. He is again this summer working 3 jobs. He is still working his regular patrol work week, working on marine patrol- 2 drownings so far this summer in Bingham County, and curbing. The 30+ days of rain this summer have put him behind and he is now doing double time to catch up. No pictures of Shawn, he's way to busy to sit still for a camera.

School, clinicals, helping with Hadley's t-ball and trying to keep up with my beloved children. Notice housework not listed? Our poor family has noticed and now that school is out, I have to pick up the pace and get this place put back together. I finished the semester with two A-. I hate that stupid minus.

Look what I've got.....get it??

That is all that I'm writing for now. There is way too much that I skipped but I will try to keep up for the rest of this wonderful summer now that I can fully participate. Until next week.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just wait, its coming

The summer semester is over and I am now facing the very messy house that we live in. I am planning to blog on Tuesday's. I have a whole summer to catch up on and I know this so the "catch up" emails can cease. All will be revealed on Tuesday.

Until then......