Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have been picking up extra shifts at the Sheriff's Office to help supplement Christmas. I enjoy the people there still and it is nice as I can do some homework if needed.

Well today as I came in to work, I parked as usual, got out of my car as usual, and started walking in to the building as usual. Somehow, I tripped over the curb coming in and before I knew it I was on my knees on the pavement. At first I was concerned that someone had seen me bite the dust but after a quick look around I knew I was safe. It wasn't until I got up that I realized how hurt I was. I could barely walk. Going down the 2 flights of stairs to the basement of the building, I talked myself in to not crying. Many of you know that I am a bawl baby (somehow crying makes it hurt less).

I told the ladies what happened and sat down to log in to the computers. After sitting for a few minutes I realized just how sore I was. I called my supervisor and told her of the mishap, I then got to go to the patrol sergeants office for an accident report and then off to the medical clinic to be checked out.

Diagnosis: strained rotator cuff, sprained ankle, contusion on my big toe and a scraped knee. The biggest injury was to my pride which the ibuprofen, ice and rest won't fix. I was able to go back to work and finish my shift with just a few friendly comments about my fall and a new nickname of Crash.

Christmas Program

Hayden's Christmas program was last night. The entire school performed together. It was a little wierd. The whole school was on the stage together. There was almost no rhyme or reason to how they were placed on the stage. Some of the kids were wearing reindeer ears which blocked the kids faces behind them (yes Hayden was behind a reindeer head).
Hayden as always did great. He is such a funny little singer. I only got footage with my camcorder and have not yet downloaded that to my computer. Footage to follow.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankful

It is Black Friday and yes I did participate in the festivities. IT WAS HORRIBLE!! I got the things that I went for and was able to be finished shopping and home by 9 am. People were already angry just standing in line. They were cursing the store and its employee's. While I got a good deal or two it just saddened me at what the Christmas season meant while there at the store.

Enough of that. Since I didn't post yesterday, I thought I should take the opportunity to be thankful. Obviously I have so much to be thankful for. First off, I am so thankful for my husband, Shawn. What a great man. He works hard, he plays hard, and he is such a determined person. Shawn is the best father. If anything were to ever happen to him, I would be so sad for myself but just devastated for my children. They deserve to learn all of the wonderful things that he will teach them. Shawn excels at everything that he tries. Seriously, nothing can hold him back once he's got it in his mind that he is going to succeed. It started when he was just a baby. Spinal menegitis took his strength, his hearing in his left ear and nearly took his life at just 9 months old. He made it through and became a strong, happy child. His hearing loss never hurt him, he just adapted and became better. In high school when he cut off his arm, they weren't sure if he would make it from Star Valley to Salt Lake, but he did. They suggested amputation but he wouldn't let them. He just adapted and became better. He can fix almost anything, he just finished siding our house- by himself. I am constantly in awe at the man that he is.

Hayden is my miracle. While it seems like so long ago that we had all of those miscarriages. It is amazing to me that we made it through those two years- and then Hayden came along and gave me a purpose in life. He is truly my miracle baby. Hayden is an amazing brother. He loves his family and has such sweet spirit towards others. I can always count on him to help me when I need it, to love me when I need it and to flash that brilliant smile just when I need it.

Hadley is a turd- but she is my turd. She is my best friend. There are times when she walks in to a room and her beauty literally takes my breath away. While she loves to cause problems, she is also a caring little soul. She tries so hard to make sure that everyone is OK and doing the right thing.

Hallie is my little angel. She is my heart walking around outside my body. I love feeling her love- if that makes sense. It is so wonderful to be wanted and needed and Hallie totally fills that for me. Hallie has her own distinct attitude that makes me laugh. She is not like her brother or sister. She likes to sit on the sideline and watch, while the other two like to run in and do. She is a little tease and has a smile that lights up her entire face.

I am thankful for my family. The family I was born in to and the family that I have acquired along the way. I am so thankful to be a member of the Humpherys family. What an amazing group of people. I have never felt anything but love from any of them. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Tena & Geralds and it was so nice. There were members of Tena's family and Gerald's family there. Heather came and it was not awkward in any way. It was just family no matter where they came from. What amazing examples they have been to me of unconditional love.

I have been so blessed with education and jobs. We have been able to provide for our family. We have a home and decent health. We have several good friends who help us out emotionally and spritually. I am indeed thankful for my many blessings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I give in already

I have been tagged numerous times, I like to pretend that I don't see them and don't do anything. Alright, already! I give in, I'll do the stinking thing- no more mean comments (you know who you are :))

8 T.V. Shows I like to watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. House
3. The Office
4. Scrubs
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Brothers & Sisters
7. Monk
8. Psych

8 Places I like to eat:

1. Tena's
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Wingers
4. Red Lobster
5. Craigo's
6. Chili's
7. Olive Garden
8. anywhere I don't have to cook

8 Things I did today:

1. Got up for the day
2. Went to Computer Class
3. Went to A&P
4. Visited Nicole, Shane and their new baby, Sloane Elizabeth, at the hospital
5. Went to Medical Terminology
6. Passed 2 computer tests (ace'd 1 of them!)
7. Drove home and blew up our car in our driveway (smoke seriously coming out of the engine)
8. Went to work (late of course, the car thing kept me busy)

8 Things I'm looking Forward to:

1. Thanksgiving
2. The end of the semester 12/4/08- my brain hurts
3. Hayden's Christmas program at school
4. Christmas time
5. Summer
6. Graduating (someday)
7. Watching my children grow up
8. Improving our house

8 Things I can't live without:

1. Shawn
2. Hayden
3. Hadley
4. Hallie
5. My Heather- everyone needs a Heather
6. The Gospel
7. Good friends
8. Diet Dr. Pepper

Now... Tag 8 people (seriously, I hate to spread this nastiness but it's part of the game)

Colin & Lori, Laurie Humpherys, Heidi, Heather, Jolie, Mary Lynn, Kirstin, Lindsay

Sunday, November 2, 2008


And it begins....

Hayden started basketball this week. He played in his first game ever on Saturday. He is number 44. This is significant because his Grandpa Humpherys was number 44 as well. Shawn is his coach for this sport as well. Hayden doesn't really like this because he says Shawn is mean to him.

Truth be told, Shawn is harder on Hayden than the other kids but he still isn't quite as bad as Hayden says.

The 1st and 2nd graders are on a team together. Hayden is already learning a lot. It was so funny to watch them play. The 2nd graders are obviously a little more comfortable with the game the the 1st graders. Here is a little video footage of the game. Hayden mostly skips around on the court. We (Shawn) discussed being a little more aggressive and going for the ball.

It was fun to go to his game- the first of many I'm sure..


Halloween is always way too crazy. I run around all day trying to make sure that everyone gets to see the kids. Hayden had a Spook Parade at school. He chose to be a scary grim reaper and had this yucky mask that had blood flow in it. The school does not allow masks so I had to paint his face. This would all be fine and dandy but I lack in the whole Halloween make-up department (any make-up department for that matter). He looked scary but only because he is such a great little actor. Here are some pictures of him during his spook parade.

Hayden and Jay were right next to each other in the parade.

Hadley was "Dorothy" she looked so cute.

Hallie was a scarecrow. She had a cute little hat that went with the outfit but she wouldn't keep it on. She also did not like pictures on Halloween. She cried and ran to me everytime I tried to take one. Example:

I didn't get any pictures of Hayden with his mask on. I'll post one when my mom sends one to me. ** Thanks Mom, for the pictures. Here is Hayden in his mask

And one more of Hallie. Again sans the hat (it's sitting next to her on the couch)

All in all it was a fun day. Hadley is a trick-or-treatin fool. She ran from house to house like a little trooper. She would have gone all night if we had let her. I think she got double the candy that her brother got. It was a nice night and will always be happy memories.

Monday, October 27, 2008

and the winner is

The annual Humpherys pumpkin carving contest was last night. I filled in a shift at the dispatch center so I had to carve mine early and send it with the kids. For the first time in four years I didn't win. I came in second to Shawn. Linda was third and Tena fourth. I guess that's not bad, huh? At least the title stayed in the Shawn Humpherys family. Shawn and I have taken 1st/2nd for three years now. I'm mostly bummed that I missed the festivities. It is always so fun and the kids look forward to it every year. Here are a few pictures of the pumpkins entered (Taken by cell phone, so not the clearest).

1st place (Shawn's):

2nd place (Hilary's- see my cute epitaph, not part of the pattern, my own design)

3rd place (Linda) - sorry no picture

4th place (Tena's)

Corn maze

We visited the corn maze at Swore farms last weekend. It is just for kids. This is the second year that the H's and I have attended. Heather helped me with the kids and Heidi Graham also came with her kids.

There is a farming question at each intersection with a direction for each answer, if you choose wrong, you get a dead end, choose right and you end up at another question. There were also several kids handing out candy throughout the maze as well.

At the end, they had a activity center and the kids got their face painted, did leave rubs and made bird feeders. It was a fun little trip and one we will try to make every year. I was so proud of myself for remembering my camera but when I got it out, the battery was almost completely dead. The best of intentions (blah, blah, blah)

A huntin we will go....

Shawn took Hayden hunting last week. They went with cousin Barry. Although nothing was slain, they had a great time together. Here are some pictures that Shawn took.
Isn't Star Valley beautiful?

Cutest boy-ever!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The first snow fall of the winter or fall or whatever it is

It really came down on Saturday night. We woke up to a lot of snow on Sunday. I would give a guess as to how much but I'm always wrong so just know that it was a lot. On Sunday afternoon we ended up at Tena and Geralds (Shawn had to get the snow machines on the trailer as there was a near Search & Rescue mission he had to get to). Anyhoo- Hayden and Hadley played outside and had a blast. Here is the fruit of their labor. They are accessorized with Grandma's things. Thanks Grandma for always making your house so much fun.

Here is Hadley posing with her snowgirl. She named her Sadie. (Hayden was mad at his dad for a snow fight that he lost so he wouldn't pose)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

While blog stalking on Laurie's blog I ran across this survey. I thought it was funny. There is a link at the bottom of this page. See where you belong, I obviously belong in the 9th grade.

You Belong in 1993

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Hayden I love you too

Hayden loves to leave us "presents". He draws pictures and leaves them all over for us. He usually tapes them to the front door for Shawn to get when he comes home from work. Or he will leave them on the stove so I will get it when I go to cook a meal. The other night when I went to get in to bed, I found these presents.

(Elf anyone?) His spelling gets better and better each day. I love being Hayden's mother and I know that Shawn loves being his father. We are so blessed with our wonderful children. While it isn't always easy, I wouldn't have my life be any other way.


The Graham kids were at our house several times this week. My children have so much fun with them. Here are a couple of pictures I caught of them playing:

Star Wars is a huge part of my house. Here is Jay (Darth Vader) and Hayden (Anakin)- they are the same person just at different stages in his life.

Hadley cannot be left out. She decided that she was Padme. (look behind the chair and you can see where Hadley peeled the paint in our front room. She is so my child I love to peel too. I just wish it wasn't something that I have to fix now)

Hallie and Kaitlyn are still deciding that they like each other but they want to do whatever the other is doing. Here they playing on the piano bench.

I somehow erased the pictures of Sarah and Hadley dressed up as princesses, so I'll have to get some more to post later.

Fall fun

I took the kids to the park the other day and we had a blast. I love making these memories with them. I remember how much I loved to swing at Ross Park when I was small. Hallie may have me beat. She was in that swing for probably 30 minutes when I finally had to pry her out of it. Hayden was such a good sport he pushed his baby sister as long as his 6 yr old attention span allowed. Hadley had fun playing on the bar where the old teeter toter's (sp?) were. Hadley can make a toy out of anything.

All time caller!

I am amazed that it is already October. September is always a busy month for me. It is Shawn's hunting month. He takes almost the entire month of work to pursue this passion. This year I lucked out. The very first day that he left he harvested. Yes that's hunting lingo for made his kill. Much to my suprise he sent me a text that very night that he was now all time caller. I should, after 10 years, have known what that meant but had to ask. Here is a picture of the poor elk that crossed his path.

Shawn still went up several times with his brother but it was not a 2 week abscense as it usally is. Thanks to Heather who is always there to help fill in the gaps so that I didn't have to stress about a sitter while in school, clinicals etc.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eastern Idaho Fair

Living in Blackfoot makes the Eastern Idaho Fair a big deal. More people, more cars, and if you work in law enforcement- more trouble. Now fair week is over. It wasn't so bad this year. I can say that because I didn't have to work it!! We went to the parade last Saturday and sat with Shane & Nicole. We rode the rides on Wednesday- actually Shawn, Hayden and Hadley rode the rides. Hallie and I watched. Hadley is only 46 inches tall-just a couple of inches too short to ride most of them. Hayden on the other hand hits 48 inches and only missed out on a couple.

Hadley measuring herself for the slide.


Hayden Won!!

Hallie was so good, she sat in her stroller and watched the kids ride the rides. Here she is at lunch. She is such a happy little girl.

Here is Shawn riding the tilt-a-whirl with Hayden, Hadley and their cousin Carter who we caught up with at the fair.

Here is a crazy ride that both of the kids were able to go on. Hadley went as many times as she could.

Here are the kids, they are in the background. You wouldn't believe how had it is to get a good picture while these rides are going at mach speed with my fragile little ones holding on for dear life.

We went back on Saturday to eat one last time and to let the kids look at the animals. Of course, I forgot the camera this time so had to take pictures with my craptastic cell phone camera. Here are some blurry pictures of the kids with the animals at the petting zoo. Hallie did not like them up close and personal, not one bit. Hadley and Hayden on the other hand LOVED them.

Mighty, mighty preschooler

Hadley started preschool this week. She loved it. She only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays which happen to be the same days that I go to school. Shawn got her ready for school (yes, even her hair) and I'm so glad that he even remembered to take her pictures. True to Hadley style she made some pretty great poses:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My baby is in the 1st grade!!

Hayden started school today. He is in the 1st grade and it just kills me. Shawn woke him up this morning before he left for work. Here is the conversation that I eavesdropped on while they were getting ready in the bathroom:

"I have a really nervous feeling in my stomach."

"Get used to that feeling, you'll have it a lot in your life- every year before the first day of school, when you start a job. Remember to listen to your teacher and do what she says. Be nice and watch your mouth, other kids might say bad words but that doesn't mean you say them"

"I know, I won't"

I'm so glad that Shawn remembers to give him those little reminders. He is such a good father. Hayden decided what he wanted to wear, he got dressed, we took pictures and he was off. He wouldn't let me walk him all the way to the bus or take picture of him getting on the bus because he's "not a baby this year".

He wrote his teacher, Mrs. Price a little letter last night that he made sure to take today with an apple. He is funny. I can't believe that he will be gone all day. I should be happier about that but I'm not. He is a good boy and I know he will do well in school. I'm so lucky that the Lord trusted me with that little spirirt, he is better now at 6 than I could ever hope to be in 100 years.

"I'm in grade #1"


to the


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to school (after a LONG break)

Well it's official- I'm a student again. I've made it through my first week of school. All I can say is that I hope my 30 year old brain is capable of retaining all of the information that it is expected to. My friend Heidi went back to school a few years ago and she said it took her about 3 weeks for her brain to get back in to school mode. Well I'm holding her to that- one down, two to go. I really like being back in school. I'm excited to learn again and to start a new chapter in this thing called life. My first class is at 7:30 in Idaho falls so I have to leave the same time that Shawn does to be to work 10 minutes early. As we were leaving on Tuesday 8/19 (my first day) Shawn got the camera and took my first day of school pictures just like we did Hayden last year. It was funny. I am so lucky that he supports me in this decision and I couldn't do it without him. Heather is watching my kids while I am at school. She gets off work at 3 a.m. and sleeps on my couch so she can get up with my kids. I am so thankful that I have such a great support system.
My friends and family are the best!!

Great story- bad ending

We went boating on Palisades lake on Monday 8/18 with Tena and Gerald. Gerald is still up at Grand Targhee so he met us in Swan Valley. He was so funny when we pulled up- he was in his shorts and a cowboy hat. He's lost a lot of weight and Tena had to make fun of him. We got out on the water and Shawn did some wake boarding, we stopped at a beach for some lunch and then got back out of the water. Shawn, Tena, Hadley and I all took turns on the tube. Hadley loves to ride the tube. She was out there on every ride. I brought my camera but true to fashion, left it in the car. So here are a few with my crappy cell phone camera. This is Shawn, Hadley, and Tena. Gerald's cowboy hat had blown off and Shawn had picked it up from the tube. He had it on his head and that is about the only thing you can see in this picture.

Well right after this picture was taken the hat blew off Shawn's head and in to the water again. Gerald circled around to get it again, missed the first try and then ran over it the second time. This time it sunk. Shawn tried to save it but couldn't dive with his life jacket on. Gerald was none to pleased to lose his hat that he had used all summer but at least it was just a cheap $15 hat.

We found the hot spring that empties in to the lake. I wish we had a picture of this. It is a tiny little area where the hot water comes in to the lake and we were all huddled in this tiny spot trying to keep warm in the cold water. Gerald, Tena, Hayden, Hadley, Hallie and I all crammed in a little spot. Tena had the best spot and she kept laughing telling Gerald "I'd really like to give you my spot but I just can't". Shawn was out in the cold water in his wet suit splashing us. He said we looked hilarious.

It was getting dark and we decided to head back. We were about 10 minutes from the dock at full speed when we suddenly lost power. The boat was still on but it wouldn't move. Shawn was smart enough to flag down a boat that was following us immediately. Luckily he did because it was the last boat out there besides us. The nice couple in the boat towed us back. It took about 1/2 and hour. Shawn is used to doing this but is usually on the other end- the saving side. We got the boat out of the water (by we I mean Shawn and Gerald) and got the kids packed in to the car.

No this story is not over. The lights on the trailer would not work. Apparently a fuse in our car was not working. We had no light to check it. Again luckily a few campers came by to dump their garbage in the dumpster by the dock. They were on 4 wheelers and were able to shine their headlights on the fuse box. They got 1 brake light working and we were able to use a jump pack to get the lights working in Swan Valley. That did not last long but we made it home in one piece, without being pulled over. It was much later than planned but it all worked out.

All in all, it was a fun trip and makes one heck of a story.