Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Loser!

Yes I'm talking about me.
I love looking back on my blog but that hasn't encouraged me to post anything in the past 8 months. So much has happened that it is pointless to try to cover it all. Hopefully I can hit the big ones though.

Hunter turned 1 in January. Really? Has he been with us an entire year? I can't imagine our litte family without him. He is absolutely my angel. Shawn says he is a brat and that is probably true but he makes my heart sing. I look at that little boy and I know the world is better because he is here. He is a tease already and loves to make us laugh. He is really in to biting me and that pretty much stinks but we are working on breaking that little habit. His new trick is blowing kisses and pointing out all of the noses in the room.

We had several parties for him, one at home on his actual birthday, one at Tena and Gerald's and one in Pocatello. He was all birthday'd out.

We had a bit of a scare at the end of January. Hayden was trampled by a horse. He got bucked off and kicked around by one of his Grandpa's horses. It was very scary for everyone there (luckily I was not). Shawn called me on the way to the doctor and I met him at the clinic. All things considered, he lucked out. He received about 12 stitches above his left eye, a broken left arm and several bumps and bruises on the rest of his body. It was another reminder to us that life is so fragile and so precious. We are so thankful that he was not hurt more than he was and that he is still around to tell the tale. Shawn and Gerald were both traumatized as they saw the event unfold. I'm thankful for good doctors and nurses that took care of him and got him through a very scary experience.

He made it to his 9th birthday in February. His cast was off and we went swimming at the pool here in Blackfoot again. It was a fun time.

Hadley attends a cheerleading class at her after school program. She enjoys it and I like it because they actually perform but only a couple of times a year. She had a performance last weekend at a local dance competition. She was so nervous about the performance. She has decided to grow her hair out again. It is long enough to pull back in a pony tail but not long enough to flip up like she wanted to. I got her a little hair piece that made her hair look a little longer. I think her hair became her favorite part of the day. She showed everyone "her wig". Her little squad did a good job in their performance. I couldn't get the video to upload and and this is the only pictue that I have of it. I hate it when that happens.

That's her the first in lin on the right....

Hadley is doing so well in school. Her reading is improving every day. She received several awards at the last school assembly including being nominated for the principal's award. She is actually the youngest one in this picture. The boys are in the second grade. I forget how tall she is because I'm with her every day but she does have some height on her side.

Hallie was also very fun to as she danced along with the other performers. Hadley's group was he 27th performance so we had several songs to watch Hallie join in.

Hallie loves to dance an sing. She is constantly making up her own songs for us to listen to. She is such a joy in my life. Hallie is the child that starts yelling for you like there is something wrong and when you run into the room to find out what she needs she just needed to tell you that she loves you.
Hadley and Hallie attended a cheerleader camp at Snake River High school. It was fun for them and while I don't expect either of them to pursue cheerleading when they are older, they had a good time at the camp and did a great job performing during the half-time of a varsity game the next week. Again the video wouldn't upload I'll have to try again later.

So I missed about 5 months of fun but I guess I can just try harder to keep up with the blog world. Until next time (hopefully sooner than later)................