Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello? Are you there?

I have been missing in action the past month or so. I really thought that once I graduated that things would slow down but I was so wrong. I finally feel like I am going to be able to be on some sort of schedule. I started a new job right after graduation at the Blackfoot Medical Center. I really enjoyed it there. I worked with some amazing people who really made me feel welcome and taught me so much. But my family fell apart and I had to quit that position. My #1 job is my family and they needed me. It's funny how things work out, about 2 weeks later, I was offered a position at Portneuf Medical Medical Practice. I work in the float pool which means that I get to work when I am availabe and as an added bonus the pay is better. I started this past week and really think that I will enjoy it there as well. My experience in Blackfoot has helped too because they use some of the same programs and I have been able to show them some of the tricks that I learned at the clinic. Well, enough about me.
My brother came to visit from Texas in early June and my little sister Emily took pictures of our family. Here is one that she took of my little family. Unfortunatley, the only picture with all of us looking at the camera is the one that Hayden decided to scowl in.

The kids seem to be getting bigger every day. Hayden finished the 2nd grade. At the end of the year he received an award for the most improved reader. He wasn't bad at the beginning of the year, about 80 words a minute but still his score improved to 190 words a minute. He got a medal from the Elk's and we were pretty proud of him as well. The only picture that turned out was the one of him getting up from his seat. Oh well, it will have to do.

He has been working with his dad each summer and has earned himself a motorcycle. I have very mixed feelings about my son flying on top of a motorized vehicle but Shawn assures me that some of his best memories are of riding his motorcycle with his dad as a child. We are both adament about the helmet rule which helps but I guess I will just have to continue to feel sick whenever he is on it. Here is a picture of him on the day that he got it.

Hadley finished Kindergarten and will be starting 1st grade in the fall. She is such a good big sister. Hunter loves her so much and she is constantly helping her siblings. Here is a picture of her taking Hallie down a slide during the Blackfoot Pride Days.

Hallie has hit the terrible 3's. She is a little bossy, a little demanding and a lot cute. It's so hard to get mad at this little darling. Here is a pic of her in her "cool glasses".

Hunter is also growing too fast for my comfort. He will be 6 months soon and can balance on his own when he is sat up. He loves his brother and sisters. He has an amazing smile that he shares all the time and is finally sleeping through the night (HOORAY). We are all so happy that he is part of our family.

Shawn had surgery on his little finger at the beginning of June. This is on his "good" hand which means that he had to take time off of work. He was just put back on light duty tonight. It was an injury from work so at least he was compansated while off. We have been so busy yet still have not got much done. Hopefully my next post will be of an amazingly fun get away that and I will have remembered to bring my camera and actually pull it out too.

Kids rolling down the hill at Jensen's Grove.