Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We made it

Where did the past 3 months go? It has really all been a blur, but a blur that I survived none-the-less. I finished (and passed) my 2nd semester of the nursing program, 1 more to go :) Shawn left at the beginning of October for a 10 week training at the Idaho POST academy in Boise. This is essentially police academy which was required of his job. Shawn was able to be home all but 2 Saturdays and on Thanksgiving weekend so we did get to see him but not a whole lot got done.

I would never have made it through the past 10 weeks without my amazing family. Heather is my personal angel. She rearranged her schedule to help me out. I had to be in Idaho Falls 4 days a week, 3 of those days had me leaving my house around 5:45 a.m. in order to get to my clinical rotation or class on time. That means that I had to leave long before the kids were out of bed and with Shawn being 4 hours away, Heather assumed the role of getting the kids up and ready for school. Many times, she got off of work at 3 a.m. and still got up at 7 to get the kids going. There were some days that her schedule could not be changed and my dad spent the night at my house and stayed with Hallie during the day. Brooke also took a round of sleeping over with her kids to watch my children on a Saturday. What an amazing blessing my family is to me.

So, Shawn's home and it is almost Christmas. This week we are working on catching up on the housework and getting our Christmas decorations up. We are also trying to get ready for this little blessing coming in the next 4 weeks. We are still undecided on a name. The kids want Hunter. I like Hudson and Shawn is pining for Titan. I have trained Hallie when asked what she thinks of Titan to say, "Titan stinks".

Two weeks ago when Shawn was home, we went to a 'Breakfast with Santa' at my school and here are some pictures that we got from our time with Santa. The most amazing part of this is that Hallie actually sat on Santa's lap and had a conversation with him. Everyone was laughing and she did not like that but all in all she enjoyed her time with Santa.