Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankful

It is Black Friday and yes I did participate in the festivities. IT WAS HORRIBLE!! I got the things that I went for and was able to be finished shopping and home by 9 am. People were already angry just standing in line. They were cursing the store and its employee's. While I got a good deal or two it just saddened me at what the Christmas season meant while there at the store.

Enough of that. Since I didn't post yesterday, I thought I should take the opportunity to be thankful. Obviously I have so much to be thankful for. First off, I am so thankful for my husband, Shawn. What a great man. He works hard, he plays hard, and he is such a determined person. Shawn is the best father. If anything were to ever happen to him, I would be so sad for myself but just devastated for my children. They deserve to learn all of the wonderful things that he will teach them. Shawn excels at everything that he tries. Seriously, nothing can hold him back once he's got it in his mind that he is going to succeed. It started when he was just a baby. Spinal menegitis took his strength, his hearing in his left ear and nearly took his life at just 9 months old. He made it through and became a strong, happy child. His hearing loss never hurt him, he just adapted and became better. In high school when he cut off his arm, they weren't sure if he would make it from Star Valley to Salt Lake, but he did. They suggested amputation but he wouldn't let them. He just adapted and became better. He can fix almost anything, he just finished siding our house- by himself. I am constantly in awe at the man that he is.

Hayden is my miracle. While it seems like so long ago that we had all of those miscarriages. It is amazing to me that we made it through those two years- and then Hayden came along and gave me a purpose in life. He is truly my miracle baby. Hayden is an amazing brother. He loves his family and has such sweet spirit towards others. I can always count on him to help me when I need it, to love me when I need it and to flash that brilliant smile just when I need it.

Hadley is a turd- but she is my turd. She is my best friend. There are times when she walks in to a room and her beauty literally takes my breath away. While she loves to cause problems, she is also a caring little soul. She tries so hard to make sure that everyone is OK and doing the right thing.

Hallie is my little angel. She is my heart walking around outside my body. I love feeling her love- if that makes sense. It is so wonderful to be wanted and needed and Hallie totally fills that for me. Hallie has her own distinct attitude that makes me laugh. She is not like her brother or sister. She likes to sit on the sideline and watch, while the other two like to run in and do. She is a little tease and has a smile that lights up her entire face.

I am thankful for my family. The family I was born in to and the family that I have acquired along the way. I am so thankful to be a member of the Humpherys family. What an amazing group of people. I have never felt anything but love from any of them. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Tena & Geralds and it was so nice. There were members of Tena's family and Gerald's family there. Heather came and it was not awkward in any way. It was just family no matter where they came from. What amazing examples they have been to me of unconditional love.

I have been so blessed with education and jobs. We have been able to provide for our family. We have a home and decent health. We have several good friends who help us out emotionally and spritually. I am indeed thankful for my many blessings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I give in already

I have been tagged numerous times, I like to pretend that I don't see them and don't do anything. Alright, already! I give in, I'll do the stinking thing- no more mean comments (you know who you are :))

8 T.V. Shows I like to watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. House
3. The Office
4. Scrubs
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Brothers & Sisters
7. Monk
8. Psych

8 Places I like to eat:

1. Tena's
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Wingers
4. Red Lobster
5. Craigo's
6. Chili's
7. Olive Garden
8. anywhere I don't have to cook

8 Things I did today:

1. Got up for the day
2. Went to Computer Class
3. Went to A&P
4. Visited Nicole, Shane and their new baby, Sloane Elizabeth, at the hospital
5. Went to Medical Terminology
6. Passed 2 computer tests (ace'd 1 of them!)
7. Drove home and blew up our car in our driveway (smoke seriously coming out of the engine)
8. Went to work (late of course, the car thing kept me busy)

8 Things I'm looking Forward to:

1. Thanksgiving
2. The end of the semester 12/4/08- my brain hurts
3. Hayden's Christmas program at school
4. Christmas time
5. Summer
6. Graduating (someday)
7. Watching my children grow up
8. Improving our house

8 Things I can't live without:

1. Shawn
2. Hayden
3. Hadley
4. Hallie
5. My Heather- everyone needs a Heather
6. The Gospel
7. Good friends
8. Diet Dr. Pepper

Now... Tag 8 people (seriously, I hate to spread this nastiness but it's part of the game)

Colin & Lori, Laurie Humpherys, Heidi, Heather, Jolie, Mary Lynn, Kirstin, Lindsay

Sunday, November 2, 2008


And it begins....

Hayden started basketball this week. He played in his first game ever on Saturday. He is number 44. This is significant because his Grandpa Humpherys was number 44 as well. Shawn is his coach for this sport as well. Hayden doesn't really like this because he says Shawn is mean to him.

Truth be told, Shawn is harder on Hayden than the other kids but he still isn't quite as bad as Hayden says.

The 1st and 2nd graders are on a team together. Hayden is already learning a lot. It was so funny to watch them play. The 2nd graders are obviously a little more comfortable with the game the the 1st graders. Here is a little video footage of the game. Hayden mostly skips around on the court. We (Shawn) discussed being a little more aggressive and going for the ball.

It was fun to go to his game- the first of many I'm sure..


Halloween is always way too crazy. I run around all day trying to make sure that everyone gets to see the kids. Hayden had a Spook Parade at school. He chose to be a scary grim reaper and had this yucky mask that had blood flow in it. The school does not allow masks so I had to paint his face. This would all be fine and dandy but I lack in the whole Halloween make-up department (any make-up department for that matter). He looked scary but only because he is such a great little actor. Here are some pictures of him during his spook parade.

Hayden and Jay were right next to each other in the parade.

Hadley was "Dorothy" she looked so cute.

Hallie was a scarecrow. She had a cute little hat that went with the outfit but she wouldn't keep it on. She also did not like pictures on Halloween. She cried and ran to me everytime I tried to take one. Example:

I didn't get any pictures of Hayden with his mask on. I'll post one when my mom sends one to me. ** Thanks Mom, for the pictures. Here is Hayden in his mask

And one more of Hallie. Again sans the hat (it's sitting next to her on the couch)

All in all it was a fun day. Hadley is a trick-or-treatin fool. She ran from house to house like a little trooper. She would have gone all night if we had let her. I think she got double the candy that her brother got. It was a nice night and will always be happy memories.