Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shawn's turn

Shawn 1-2 days after birth

In honor of my dear husband's 31st birthday I wanted to post some cute pictures that we have hanging around the house. He was not too pleased about some of them. Happy Birthday Shawn, I hope we have many, many more to share together. I could not ask for a better man to share my life with and to be the best father to our children.

Hayden says- thank you for being a good dad. I hope you have a good BIRTHDAY
(by the way he typed this himself- no help, almost he couldn't find the period.)

Hadley says-hadleyklpsa (also typed herself). Happy birthday, thanks for all the treats and gifts that you got us. Thanks for being a cop. I love you.

Hallie says- Dad's girl

Shawn 3 months old:

(funny huh?)

2 yrs old

3 yrs old- feeding the elk w/ Shane


3rd grade
4th grade (nice chain and I do believe this was the era of the tail)

7th grade
Shawn w/Barry thinking they are sexy- 18yrs old
Shawn & Grandma Humpherys- 20something

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy, happy birthday Hayden dear.

Hayden's birthday was on February 20th. I am absolutely blown away by this. How he has changed from the little angel that I brought home 7 years ago. Can seven years really have gone by this fast?

Hayden is my little miracle. He came after a long time of trying and a touch-and-go pregnancy. He was born by emergency cesearean. I have said this before but the single-most defining moment in my life was when they placed him in my arms. Shawn left the O.R. with him after he was born but I had to stay in recovery. It was a horrible hour to wait until I could see him but finally they wheeled me into my room and brought him to me. The moment he was in my arms, I had a reason for being and I knew that I would do anything for him and still would.

Hayden has grown in to such a caring little boy. He has the heart of an angel. This year for his birthday I told him he could have a friends party and then we would celebrate with his family the next day. We were on our way to his school and he started naming who he wanted to come. Then he paused for a minute, took a deep breath and finally said, "Mom, I don't really think I need a friend party. My family is way more important to me". From the mouths of babes. I almost had to pull over from the wave of emotion that came over me after that one.

Well we did have a really fun party at the swimming pool. A couple of his friends from school and family members were there. Here are some pictures that were taken that night.

The next day we went to Pocaetllo for a birthday party with the family that wasn't able to make it up on Friday. We went to Arctic Circle, had cake and opened presents. The kids played hard and the adults visited. In the mess of getting everything I forgot my camera so no pics of that one. Maybe I can talk my mom into sending me some to post. It was all in all a good birthday weekend.

Hayden, I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with you. You are truly one of my reasons for being. I love what you have become and look forward to what you will be.