Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucky Ducky!!

Last Saturday we went to a safety fair that the city of Blackfoot held. The kids got new bike helmets, got to go through an ambulance and a smoke house to teach them about what to do in the event of a fire. While there they put their names in a free raffle for several things including a bike. Yesterday we got a call from a local auto dealer saying that Hayden won. Hayden was so excited he called just about everyone that he could think of. Hadley about had a nervous break down and we had to have a lengthy discussion on how it is important to be happy when something good happens for someone else. She finally decided that she was happy for him but sad for herself. At 5 I think I probably would have felt the same way.
Anyway, I think that I might have Hayden pick some numbers for the powerball on Saturday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

One down, one to go

Earlier I had posted that I had failed as a parent in teaching my kids to ride a bike. Well cross that one off the list. Hadley loves her bike. She would ride up and down the road with her training wheels, she couldn't get enough. She finally broke one of the training wheels off. Devastated, she just couldn't stay off the thing and decided to take her dad's advice and just ride with one until we could get it fixed. Shawn noticed that she wasn't even using the one and off they came. Here is the video that Shawn got with his phone.

Boy was Hayden mad. He wasn't even interested in his bike until he saw Hadley without her training wheels. It took him all until the next day to ditch the training wheels. Here he is on 2 wheels as well. Here is the video footage of Hayden. Mind you, he is on Hadley's bike, his is much cooler (he asked that I put that in here).

In celebration, I bought a child seat for the back of my bike. Hallie absolutely loves it. We are bike riding fools. This is good because I need to get off my butt. I have spent much of the last eight months on it studying and it shows. The weather is finally cooperating and we have had a blast. Here's to a fun bike-riding summer.

Hallie's B-day

Well she's gone and done it. My baby is two years old.

We had a party for her on the Saturday before her actual day at my mom's. It was hard for me to find a gift for her. She is happy with whatever she gets and her older brother and sister have so much for her to play with already. I took her to the store to see what she would want. We got to the isle with the dolls and she went nuts. She went down the isle saying hi and then kissing each one in her reach. She did end up with a lot of clothes and some fun toys.

Here she is with her cake. We couldn't get her to pose.

She kept stealing frosting from it (that's my girl)

Hallie does NOT like the birthday song. She breaks into tears every time we sing it. Even when it is for someone else. Here Hayden is comforting her during the song.
Half of the the bags and boxes are still bigger than she is!

This ended up being her favorite. I got her a stroller for her dolls. She loves to run around the house with it, especially when she can run it into someone else. She also likes to sit in it herself. We will probably have to replace it soon because it is already starting to tear a little from her.