Monday, June 30, 2008


There are SEVERAL new posts on here... I got a little behind as we have been busy (you'll see look through the posts)

Kids in a ditch

While at work today Shawn sent me these pictures on my cell phone. He was helping his mother irrigate the field since Gerald is still up in the mountains. Of course my kids would end up in the ditch. If you look closely you will see that Hadley is still in her pajamas and her hair is not done. Shawn came to visit me at work afterwards and Hallie was also in her pj's with hair all amess. Just another reason why I need to be home with my children.

Quick trip to Targhee

While packing our camp, I had the bright idea to park the camp trailer and go visit Grandma & Grandpa Humpherys up at Grand Targhee. We stopped at a house on antelope flats and Shawn asked them if we could leave the trailer there for the afternoon and then we drove up to Driggs. It was a lot of fun. Hadley misses Sheila (she says its HER horse) and just wanted to ride her the whole time. She even just sat on her while she was eating between rides.

Hallie had so much fun playing in and on the deck of the cabin. She likes to take things and put them in another spot ie: pens, nails etc.

She also took a little/reluctanat ride on Sheila with Dad.

Hadley also took a ride on Reba the horse (Hayden's according to him).

Hayden was more interested in the 4 wheeler again, here he is helping Grandpa feed again.

Grandma was going home as well so the older kids wanted to ride with her. It was a nice drive home with the fighting kids with her. Actually they fell asleep in Swan Valley so she too had a pleasant drive. It was an all around great weekend. Once again, thankful for a wonderful family, the safety we had during our travels and the opportunities we have to see the beauty of the area we live in.

Humpherys Family Reunion 2008

We attended the Humpherys Family reunion this past weekend at Heise Camping ground. I really was not looking forward to the reunion this year (no offense Mary Lynn). We have been so busy and out of town for the last few weekends I kind of just wanted to get some things done around the house. I am so glad that we didn't miss it though. Every year I am amazed at what a wonderful family that we are a part of. Everyone is so nice and fun to be around. I have never felt anything but welcome around the Humpherys. Gerald and Tena were not able to attend as they are busy with a new business. Shane, Nicole and Nash are in Boston (we miss you guys) and Linda was just finishing up with girls camp for her ward, so we represented the Gerald Humpherys family on Friday night. On Saturday after breakfast we all went swimming, it was a lot of fun, the kids loved the slide there (a big green hydrotube). Hallie hates the water. After fighting with her for an hour crying in the pool we took her out and let her play on the grass. This she loved. Here are some pictures of her in her swimsuit eating licorice. Notice her black eye, she fell down and hit her head on the door jam. Shawn told everyone that I back handed her (not true):

Shawn got to do a little fishing (very little-poor guy) and I got to visit to my hearts content. Linda, Carter, Madison +2 friends got there around noon. We had a really nice lunch and then there was a pie eating contest. I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed that my husband won. He ate the pie in about 30 seconds. It was hilarious. Here is the video of the contest.

and the aftermath (isn't he dead sexy):

This is Hadley filling up water balloons with her cousins Mercy, Ian and Porter (hope I spelled them all right).

The kids were so sad to leave on Sunday because they had so much fun playing with their cousins. It is so great that even if we only see one another once a year they are all buddies by the end of the visit.

Crooked Canyon Stables

Grandpa Humpherys has a new business this year- Crooked Canyon Stables. He is doing trail rides at the Grand Targhee Resort. Shawn, Hayden, Hadley and I went up there to retrieve some trailers for him on 6/22. It was a good little trip. We left right after church and Hallie stayed with Grandma. There was still quite a bit of snow up there. The kids instantly loved the place. Here is a picture of the corral area and the little cabin on the property:

Hayden had fun riding the 4-wheeler around the corral area. Shawn got a GPS that is also a 2-way radio for anniversary/father's day and he and Hayden had fun talking between it and Hayden's "walkie-talkie". Hayden had the radio while he was on riding around. We were sitting on the porch of the cabin when Hayden get's on the radio and says "Dad I'm stuck, Dad I'm stuck" (he has to say everything twice on the radio). He really was stuck too- right in the snow.

Dad and Grandpa were busy doing.. something but don't worry Mom to the rescue. Once free it was put to good use again by our children. They helped Grandpa feed the horses and had a blast doing that as well.

Before we left Grandpa was able to give us a tour of the resort and introduce us to everyone that he had met thus far. We are waiting for him to hook us up by the end of the summer with freebies.

10....big ones

On June 20th Shawn and I celebrated our anniversary. We have now been married for 10 years. Wow! I can hardly believe 2 things. 1- that we actually made it this long and 2- that it's really been 10 years. It seems like we just got married. Anyhoo, we decided to spend our anniversary at Lagoon. Now we just couldn't go to an amusement park without our kids so we decided to take the family with us. Heather came along as our babysitter for Hallie. We had a blast. The kids loved the rides and we snuck them on as many as we possibly could. We had snacks, visited the beach and just had a great time together. Shawn and I received a lot of slack from our co-workers for not doing something more romantic but we can do that at 20 years when our kids don't care about being with us. But for now I want to spend every chance possible with them. We spent the night in SLC and then did some shopping on Saturday before we went home. It was a great weekend and I'm so happy that I have such a great family to spend time with.

The kids with their icees:

Getting tired:

On our way out (more treats):

Monday, June 16, 2008

I wanted to take a moment for Father's Day and let you know of the wonderful father that my children have. The H's are so lucky to have such a great man for a dad. He works so hard to take care of our family-3 jobs in the summer (the jail, marine patrol, and curbing). Plus he makes sure to take time with each of them each and every day. He takes Hayden 4-wheeling, dances with Hadley and cuddles with Hallie. Yesterday at church he had Hallie laughing so hard just kissing her. Our children can depend on him and trust that he will always be there for them. He makes them laugh, keeps them honest, and has earned their respect. Thanks Shawn for being the best father for my children that I could have ever asked for.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

T-ball 08

It's T-ball season again.

Hayden is on team Red Sox this year and Shawn is the assistant coach again. Hayden loves his dad being his coach even though he gets yelled at more than the other kids.

It's amazing to me how much his coodination has improved since last year. He is growing way too fast.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shayla Graduated

I am so old. Shayla, my oldest niece, graduated from Meridian High on 5/31/08. It is absolutely ridiculous. Heather, Mom, Grandma Verda, Brooke and her family and the kids and I all went down on Friday. Brooke & Chet drove in there car. Heather, Mom and Grandma were in Heather's car, and I drove mom's van with Hailey, Andrew, Carley, Hayden, Hadley and Hallie. I know that sounds bad but I had the DVD player and head phones for each of the kids. Meanwhile Heather had Mom and Grandma telling her how to drive and counting the seconds between her and other vehicles the whole trip.

The kids had a blast playing and swimming. The actual graduation was Saturday and then we went out to dinner with Shayla afterwards. Dad & Donita came up on Saturday for the graduation and dinner. It was a nice little trip but it was a real emotional experience. My oldest child is the same age as Shayla was when I graduated. That hurts!
My pictures are still on my camera so I will update those when I can.......

Zoo field trip

I was so lucky and got to go on a field trip with Hayden this year. We went to the Tauphus park zoo. We met at his classroom and were assigned our groups. I got Hayden, Jayden and Aidan (ha, ha Mrs. Crane). We got to ride a bus all the way to Idaho Falls- these are Hayden's words not mine. Jayden and Aidan told us ghost stories all the way there. Here is a picture of the boys on the bus.

Once at the zoo it was a free-for-all. We saw all the animals there and the boy's really seemed to have fun.

When we got to the zebra exhibit it was empty. A zebra decided to make itself know, it was hilarious because Hayden broke in to the zebra song that they learned in school, Jayden and Aidan quickly followed suit. I was not fast enough with my camera and only caught the very last part of it but here it is:
This final picture is at the exit of the park. We had a fun bus ride home and played, "I'm thinking of an animal that...." all the way home. For those of you that never played that game, we each took a turn describing an animal until someone else could guess what it was. These kids are so smart!! I had such a great time and am so thankful that I was able to share this experience with Hayden.

Kindergarten Program

Hayden's end of the year kindergarten program was on May 20th. They sang several songs and we realized just how animated Hayden can get when he is singing. He also does NOT experience stage fright. Here is a picture of him. I had a hard time with my camera getting a picture that was both clear and light enough to see. Hayden is wearing the gray vest with a white t-shirt under it. I can't believe that he is almost finished with kindergarten. What happened to this year? Here he is almost a 1st grader. How did we luck out with such great kids?

Here is a clip of Hayden dancing. Its kind of a long clip and its shaky because I am both laughing and holding a baby on my lap. He really starts getting in to it about 50 seconds in. You will hear Shawn and I giggling in the background. Remember Hayden singing "The Wiggles" songs when he was little? This is very reminiscent of those days.

Hadley's Birthday!!

Hadley turned 4 on May 19. We had a celebration at Jensen's Grove again. Hadley refers to this park as her "birthday park". We had pizza and cake and opened presents. A lot of family and friends came rom Pocatello and Idaho Falls and the kids had a lot of playing together.
Here we are singing Happy Birthday!

She loved her presents:

The kids had fun swinging with Grandpa after the party.

I can't believe our little girl is already 4 years old. She is such a bright light in our family. Her little personality is a blessing to everyone around her and we love her.